Advertisement campaign in the digital world still involves print materials at some points like magazine ads, newspaper ads. Print media channels also help the business owners to develop relationship with customers and reach new people along with digital media platforms as print media delivers complete information along with relation building between service provider and people.



Khootoot integrates our creative works to make the ads carried by our magazine more aesthetic to entice audience in the process of promoting specific ideas with commercial advertisements.

You can efficiently reach your intended audience with commercial advertisements you published in our magazine.

Readers can get a clear picture of your brand or firm with our advertisements as they represent your business with rich and colorful gloss and rich visual elements.

You can get the right opportunities or reach your targeted audience through the classified ads carried by our reputable magazine in an economical manner.

Khootoot serves as a trusted and credible news source for business people where they can get right people and decision makers through both print and digital media advertising channels.

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